Building Works

Any building is only as good as on-site coordination, how effectively the project is carried out in the field. However, the on-field team would be clueless if the design and the flow of command are not right.

Construction of RC Structures

Reinforced Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials. This means that NeeLee and our workers have dedicated most of our time studying the most effective way to use the material to construct. How does it matter what we use for construction, you ask? NeeLee engineers begin their plans only after understanding the requirement completely. So, we plan for RC structures carefully and work with the material after understanding the quality thoroughly.

Construction of Steel Structures

The go-to material for structures like pipes, fixtures, and fitting - steel. These structures can easily go wrong if not handled with care, since these are metal structures that will be exposed to the sun, and the rain and dust forever. It all begins with picking the material, planning your structure according to its tensile strength, and building it carefully without compromising the integrity of the metal. We've worked on projects like this, and we've done them all with absolute perfection!

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems are not always needed, but when they're needed, they're needed the most and there's absolutely no compromise on how they work. That's why are extra cautious about how we pick material for these systems, and where we place them. We study the entire facility before we begin our work, and we aim at controlling a hazard right away with our systems. Again, planning and clear execution remain one of the main professional ethics of NeeLee Constructions!

Demolition Works

Be it a building or a metal structure, to be able to build a new one, one must first tear down what's standing there. So, at NeeLee, we provide the service of demolition as well. What we think is most important when it comes to demolition is impeccable planning, and getting things ready even before the work begins. Why? Because there's no luxury of error margins, and cleaning up after should be done immediately as well, otherwise there's no point in demolishing.

Temporary Facilities

While working on a large project spanning across years or months, it is common practice to set up temporary facilities, refreshment centers, and rest areas. NeeLee helps you set these structures up! We understand that these are one-time investments because you wouldn't want to keep spending on something temporary, but we also agree on the fact that these should be affordable and serve the actual purpose. And that understanding is what makes us the best choice!

Architectural work

From designing your buildings to studying the site where we'll be working, our services extend beyond simply raising the structure from the ground up. We like for our projects to be a complete success, and not leave one stone unturned, so our architectural engineers will take care of the different requirements in the project and do the best that they can, giving you the best result possible!

Scaffolding Work

Scaffolding might seem like a trivial thing, but to think that poor scaffolding alone is the reason for most of the accidents that happen on a construction site is scary. But worry not! With NeeLee by your side, scaffolding will be the least of your worries! Our scaffolding speaks for itself, by being sturdy, easy to construct and deconstruct. One of the main things that we consider when we work on scaffoldings is, we only want to enable work to happen. Not hinder it!

A & A Works

In this age of technology, what a building or a structure needs keep changing. Be it a security requirement, or a sanitary requirement, or a technical one, to be able to add something to or alter an existing structure actually takes as much planning and precision as it takes to construct the structure anew. Not always, of course, but at NeeLee we'd like to take our projects with utmost seriousness in order to get the job done and solve the problem!

Welding Works

Talking about metal structures and constructions, welding is an indispensable part of any construction project. It not only requires a well-trained man-power but also light to heavy support of machinery, depending upon the volume of work. However easy the job might seem, it becomes essential and essential to keep the structure together and functional. That's where our monitoring and quality checks come in handy!

Plumbing and Sanitary Work

Just like drainage, the plumbing and fixtures in your buildings and structures are really overlooked. The amount of precision required to make it last long without the need for repairs is underestimated, and the result is not a simple water seepage, but compromised integrity of the entire structure, rust in metals used in construction, obstruction of power supply, and other bigger problems! So, trust a professional. Trust NeeLee.


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