Civil Works

At NeeLee, our civil engineers and staff work hard to bring your dream structures to reality. This requires coordination among the workforce, skill, a proper flow of orders, and a solid plan.

Earth works

Earthworks that we provide include paving, excavating, and leveling the ground to enable further construction. As you can imagine, this work needs more than just a good workforce. It requires a great deal of machinery, and the technical knowledge needed to operate these machinery with precision. Our team will come down to the project site with their machinery, do what the project demands down to the t, and leave you with a proper setting to build upon. Nothing more, nothing less.

Road Works

After earthworks, your pavements and an excavated path will need roads, and we at NeeLee Constructions can do that for you. We're equipped to handle state projects and projects that require us to furnish entire project sites with roads. Since quality control and accuracy are one of the key factors of our work ethic, our roads will last longer, and we will not be cutting any corners, quite literally!

Drain works

One of the most essential parts of any structure is the drains, and they're the most overlooked part as well. They often do not get the attention and professional planning it requires to do them, and it clearly shows in the seeping water in the buildings and frequent clogging. Trust us to do your drain works for you, and you'll never have to worry about them there on!

Tunneling & Piping Works

If you are looking to build a plant that deals with liquid or gas transport, tunneling and piping are almost always the cruces of the project. A marginal error can cost a lot, both in terms of material, and time. There are little room and space for troubleshooting and fixing things when they go wrong as well. That's why it's wise to let NeeLee build your tunnels and pipes for you so that they are built with precision!

Maintenance Works

At NeeLee we believe that maintaining a civil structure is as important and as tedious as building one. Maintaining a structure will drastically improve the life of the structure, and will also reduce the chances of mishaps. So, it is wise to spend a little on maintaining it, rather than spending a great deal of time and money on repairing it. You know what they say! A stitch in time saves nine!


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