We believe a good construction project starts with complete understanding. We at Nee Lee construction will help you build just what your business needs to the best of our abilities. When we say construction, we also mean the ancillary services that Nee Lee can offer to you as your construction partner.

Right from designing a secure and solid structure to build a reality, Nee Lee will not rest until the project turns out a success!

Engineering services

Our Machineries & Equipment’s could serve you better for achieving constructional excellence. Giving your buildings a new facelift? Rewiring a building or repairing waterlines? Our dedicated team of engineering experts are ready to help you solve your electrical, civil, mechanical and logistic problems. Our software folks can turn your structures secure in no time! Our engineering designs and excellent implementations have never let our clients down.


What we do

We have a dedicated team of experienced experts taking care of the different needs your business might have. Nee Lee is a complete construction partner, and here’re some of the services we offer:

Civil Works

At NeeLee, our civil engineers and staff work hard to bring your dream structures to reality. This requires coordination among the workforce, skill, a proper flow of orders, and a solid plan. Our experienced workforce has undertaken a lot of projects and has completed all of them perfectly. We leave no room for human errors, and with constant monitoring and consistent skill levels, NeeLee's civil workforce is one of the best. Here's what they can do for you

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Building Works

Any building is only as good as on-site coordination, how effectively the project is carried out in the field. However, the on-field team would be clueless if the design and the flow of command are not right. So, it is important to both start right and executes perfectly. Our team of designers, civil engineers, and on-site staff will take care of building your structures. There's a reason NeeLee constructions is the best in the business, and it's our well-equipped team.

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Engineering Services

As we'd already explained earlier, we at NeeLee are equipped with a team of engineers that are proficient enough to handle most if not all verticals of construction, right from planning, designing, logistics, mechanical, electrical, and civil aspects. Our electrical and mechanical engineers are the ones responsible for making the most complex of projects look easy!

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Machinery Services

We at NeeLee believe that to be able to build bigger dreams, we'd need a bigger hand. From cranes to heavy vehicles, NeeLee comes equipped with a fleet of machines that will help you build your dream structure in no time. Our machinery and our expertise in using them make us one of the best hybrid workforces in the industry. Get in touch with us if you require any of our machinery, and we'll help you with it! Remember, from scaffolding to supplying machinery, NeeLee does every service that a construction project might need.

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Why Nee Lee?

Nee Lee constructions has been a trusted choice for a construction partner for a lot of esteemed organizations. We are a one stop solution for all industrial grade construction projects and sub-projects. We are a team of industrious, diligent and technologically driven group of people looking forward for making your dreams come true. Our project speaks volumes about our experience in all verticals of a construction project, right from planning to piling. Our area of expertise spans across multiple industrial requirements. The trust our clients have in us drives us forward towards excellence every day, and our professional workforce helps our projects reach perfection. Through frequent quality checks and on-field monitoring, we tackle bottlenecks, operational difficulties, logistic challenges and human error then and there. We’re the best in the business, and not without reasons. As your partner, we are always here to take care of all your construction needs.
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We’re a company that provides most construction and all ancillary engineering services, piece by piece or as a whole to businesses in different verticals, with various needs. Our work ethic makes it possible to deliver a successful project, time and again.

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Harry KaneArchitectural Co.

"I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine."

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"I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. Which was created for the bliss of souls like mine"

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"I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine."