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About Nee Lee !

Nee Lee started its operation, with 35 years of experience in Construction trade & more than 10 years of Organizational experience, to provide valuable partnership to every company that wanted to construct something huge, functional, and safe.

Our team of experienced engineers and arduous and determined ground staff have been a great deal of support as far as helping Nee Lee achieve its goal. We’ve come across clients that wanted us to help them in different verticals, at different stages of construction, and our team has always been able to deliver, with perfection.
Our Vision
To be the preferred Contractor for all Construction & Construction related Projects.
Our Mission
To achieve Sustainable Operational Excellence & Growth in our Trade


From designing to scaffolding to building design to execution, a construction project requires the expertise of at-least five engineering disciplines, and we have always been equipped with the best people in the business. Here are a few services that our teams can provide, either as part of the project or as a project in itself.

Wide Experience

We have a wide experience working in oil and petrochemical industries, LTA, PUB, CAFHI other construction projects with minimal to no room for human error, and this is made possible only through the team's constant communication and monitoring.


We at Nee Lee construction are proud to have a team that has helped us achieve so much, and gain as many clients as we have, and we have always aspired for more greatness and projects to work on.


Hotline: (65) 6369 9719

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